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Heaven in Bangladesh.

Nilgiri, Bandarban ………Very Nice Place for visit

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Pahela Baishakh

Symbol of the timeless

It is that time of year when the Bangalees celebrate their heritage and, through that celebration, assesses their place in the universal scheme of things. For the Bangalees, like millions of others across the globe, have a claim on history based on the cultural tradition their ancestors shaped for them, one that they renew annually through Baishakh. Continue reading


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Love for deshi saries

There is more to it than six metres of unstitched fabric. Draped in this timeless piece, Bangladeshi women find their individuality. It exudes her persona, radiates her composure and appeal, asserts her poise. The story of the sari — the tradition — has been one woven in time, spread over millennia. From the civilisation by the banks of the Indus River to wardrobes of fashionistas of this generation — the sari has been the quintessential attire an essential woman can’t do without. Continue reading

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Shades of Independence

FOR a young student or a professional today, life should be so much more than being stuck inside a room and playing play station or an x-box, flipping through TV channels or trying to synchronies dates and time on the electronic organizer. With the rapid changing and shifting of statuses on Face book and updating the world with their life-changing decisions on Twitter, it sure is clear, that the generation today is all for a digital nation. Of course, on the other side of things, there are those who face the harsh realities of this cruel world slightly more than others, forcing them to work in warehouses, coal-mines, pull rickshaws on the street and do so much more so as to survive. Despite the ever-growing social and economical gaps between the two worlds of young people living in this country filled with conflicts, each and every one of them still dares to dream of making lives better. Continue reading

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How to Handle an Office Relationship

When business and pleasure get intertwined, it can cause trouble on the job.   You don’t want to have to start a job search because you lost your job because of a romantic relationship at work.   Despite the fact that you might be madly in love, you don’t want to have getting fired or being forced to resign as part of your employment history.

First of all, be really careful about your relationship and keep the boundaries of your relationship strictly professional at the office. Continue reading


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Aamir doesn’t bathe regularly!

Strange as it may sound, but Bollywood actor Aamir Khan’s wife Kiran Rao says the one thing she dislikes about her husband is that he doesn’t bathe regularly.

‘The one thing that I don’t like about him is the fact that he doesn’t take a bath. And trust me when I say this that his bathing habits are not very regular,’  said Kiran.

To this, the actor jumped in for his own rescue and said: ‘I do take a bath when I go out for work. And considering most of the time I step out for work, I take a bath most of the time. It is only when I am not stepping out or when I am on a holiday that I don’t take a bath.’

Kiran is all set for the release of her directorial debut Dhobi Ghat, which is coming on Jan 21, and stars her husband in a pivotal role.

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Miss Nebraska wins 2011 Miss America pageant

LAS VEGAS:  A 17-year-old from Nebraska has beaten 52 opponents to win the 2011 Miss America crown on the pageant’s 90th anniversary.

Teresa Scanlan won a $50,000 scholarship and a yearlong run with the crown at the competition Saturday in Las Vega

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