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Palestine: If Not Now, When?

The Israel/Palestine conflict is about to take the center of the political stage. The Palestinian Authority’s bid for UN Statehood recognition will make this issue the most prominent item at the world body’s upcoming session. But it’s not going to stop (just as it didn’t start) there. The Palestinian people’s Continue reading

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Silence of the Voices

Pakistani women must embark on a long journey in order to find and form a strong identity, says ZOIA TARIQ.

Ever wonder how much the world has changed for women in the last two decades? In the South Asian region, women empowerment is a hot issue today. In Pakistan, too, the masses are familiar with terms like gender equity, gender disparity, gender based violence, women entrepreneurship and gender advisors. These issues are frequently discussed and analysed on TV channels, newspapers, seminars and radio shows. Various platforms have been developed in different sectors to empower women and advocate female literacy in Pakistan. Continue reading

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Sea Limit Row with Myanmar…….Bay is ours

International tribunal upholds Bangladesh’s economic, territorial rights over 200 nautical miles from coast

Bangladesh yesterday won a landmark verdict at the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea, which sustained its claim to 200-nautical-mile exclusive economic and territorial rights in the Bay of Bengal rejecting the claims of Myanmar. The verdict of the court went absolutely in Bangladesh’s favour and even beyond, as it gave more than what Bangladesh had asked for. The judgment is final and cannot be appealed against. The verdict of the tribunal gave Bangladesh a substantial share of the outer continental shelf beyond 200 miles, which would open ways for offshore oil and gas exploration in the Bay. The tribunal also awarded Bangladesh a full 12-mile territorial sea around St Martin’s Island, overruling Myanmar’s argument that the island be cut in half and shared.

“We have got everything, even more than what we wanted. We are happy, we are absolutely delighted,” cheerful Foreign Minister Dipu Moni told The Daily Star over the phone from Hamburg, Germany. Continue reading

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The story of the Italian priest who has been fighting oppression, poverty and ignorance in Bangladesh, the land he is in love with

As a child, he wanted to go to Africa and later to China. He was even assigned to Sierra Leone, but that suddenly changed and he was ordered to go to Bangladesh (the then East Pakistan). To Father Marino Rigon, it was a divine sign. God had wished for him to be in Bangladesh. According to Father Rigon, every decision in his life has had a divine premonition. “There is no reason why,” he says in reply to why he chose the life of a priest. His Bengali, without the unnecessary presence of foreign words, sounds like a sweet soothing song. “At the age of four or five I had declared that I want to become a missionary. You tell me why a child of four/five would say that?” he asks in turn. Yet his father Ricardo’s performance as Jesus in the village theatre of Villaverla, Venice Italy, did influence Fr Rigon. He too would copy the acting while performing at his school play. With time, his love for Jesus grew and soon he went to live with the Xaverian community. In 1943, he became a Xaverian taking vows of discipline, celibacy and simplicity. Continue reading

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Ultimatum 90 days

BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia, inset, addresses a huge crowd at the party's much-talked-about rally at Nayapaltan in the capital yesterday. Photo: Amran HossainAddressing tens of thousands of opposition supporters who gathered in the capital defying government restrictions, BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia yesterday gave the Hasina administration a 90-day ultimatum to announce the restoration of the caretaker system.

“Make a formal announcement restoring the non-party caretaker government system by June 10, or we will announce tougher programmes from a rally on June 11,” Continue reading

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Bangladesh Bijoymela

The Muktijuddher Bijoy Mela Parishad is the organization formed with the collaboration of the gallant Freedom Fighters. Being propelled with the inflammatory clarion call of Bangabondhu Sheikh Mujib, the Father of the Nation, the wave of fiery flames, at the time of extreme national crisis, passed through the vein of the Bengali Nation. The Bengali Nation, fostering the indomitable spirit of freedom instilled by our Father of Nation, stood against the undermining efforts of the Pakistani Rulers. At the cost of our audacious Freedom Fighters, the desert of East Pakistan was made fertile, and the nation comes with a flying colour overthrowing the tyrannical chains of enslavement instituted by the Pakistani Rulers. The Bijoy Mela Parishad stands erect upholding the emblem of this indisputable fact. Continue reading

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December 7, 2011 · 5:39 pm

Govt obligated to help EC ……………..Abu Hena

Noted personalities yesterday said the government had violated the constitution and meddled in the activities of a constitutional body by snubbing the Election Commission’s request for army deployment in the Narayanganj City Corporation polls. Talking to our correspondents Wasim Bin Habib and Rakib Ahammed, they observed the government action would raise questions in people’s minds about the possibility of holding the next parliamentary polls freely and fairly under a political government.

Former Chief Election Commissioner Abu Hena said maintaining law and order is very crucial to holding a peaceful election. If necessary, the Election Commission can demand deployment of troops. The government must not balk at that demand, as it is obliged to cooperate with the commission and extend all support necessary to hold a free and fair election. Continue reading

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