One of the Youtube founder is a Bangladeshi —- everybody knows about this world’s most popular website.Don’t need to say more about this.
Youtube is a video-sharing website on which users can upload,share and view videos.This website uses Adobe Flash Video technology to display a wide variety of user-generated video content,including movie clips,TV clips and music videos,as well as amature content such as video blogging and short original videos.Most of the content on Youtube has been uploaded by individuals,although media corporations including CBS,BBC,Vevo and other organizations offer some of their material via this site , as part of the Youtube patrnership program.
Unregistered users may watch videos and tegisterd users may upload an unlimited number of vodeos .Videos that are considered to contain potentially offensive content are avilable only to registerd users 18 and older. In November 2006 ,Youtube LLC was bought by Google Inc. for $1.65 billion ,and now operates as a subsidiary of Google.
Youtube was founded by Chad Hurley , Steve Chen and Jawed Karim in February 2005.Hurley,Chen and Jawed Karim metas early employees at PayPal ,the payment service sold to eBay in 2002.The three,after leaving PayPal,talked aboyt a start-up of their own,possibly a database venture.Hurley had studied design at Indiana University of Pennsylvania,while Chen and Jawed Karim studied computer science together at the University of Illions at Urbana-Champaign.
Beginning of the year 2005 Jawed Karim recalled the difficulty involved in finding and watching videos online of Jennet Jackson accidentally baring her breast during the Super Bowl Show.The same was true with the many amature videos made of that winter’s devastating Tsunami.Jawed Karim proposed to Hurley and Chen that they creat a video-sharing site.”I thought it was a good idea.”Jawed said.
The three agreed within a few days in February 2005,then divided work based on skills :Hurley designed the site’s interface and logo.Chen and Jawed Karim spilt technical duties making the site work.They later divided management responsibilities,based on strengths and interests : Hurley became CEO ;Chen chief technology officer.
Jawed Karim already planned to resume computer studies ,so he opted out of management and agreed to take a smaller ownership stake than the other two founders.He continued advising Youtube and a growing number of employees –now 67 –as Hurley and Chen took his “little spark” of an idea and turned it into a fire. Youtube’s first video,Me at the zoo was uploaded by Jawed Karim on April 23,2005.
Jawed Karim did his master’s in computer science from Stanford.He now teaches computer science.He wants to be nothing more than a professor.He simply hopes to follow the footsteps of other Stanford academics who struck fortunes in Silicon Valley and went back to teaching.Jawed’s first love , despite his riches and fame ,is an academic career.
Jawed was born in the then East Germany in 1979 .He has a younger brother named Illias ,born in 1989 ,in the then west Germany.His father Naimul Karim is a researcher and his mother Christine Karim is a professor of biochemistry at the University of Minnesota.
Jawed Karim’s father Naimul Karim was brought up in the DIT quarters at Shiddheswari in Dhaka.He stood first in the combined merit list for Dhaka Division SSC exams in 1972.Naimul Karim got a scholarship and moved to East Germany for higher education .There he met Christine who was also a student of the same university. In 1981 ,although the iron curtain was getting fairly rusted ,the Berlin Wall still stood and democracy and freedom did not rule in the DDR(East Germany).While as a Bangladeshi citizen ,Naimul Karim was free to travel anywhere ,the same was not true for Christine and they longed to escape the regimented restrictionsof the Deutsche Demokratische Republik(DDR-East Germany).At the end of the summer ,Naimul Karim bundled Christine and Jawed on to a train for Amsterdam, presumably on their way to visit Bangladesh .The train stopped at Frankfurt ,the Karims got off and they never looked back. Aided by a West German policy that happily welcomed anyone who successfully scaled the wall , albeit figuratively in this case , Naimul Karim and Christine finished their studies , eventually getting their Ph.D.s in chemistry in this little town called Kaiserslautern between Frankfurt and the border with France .
In 1985,Naimul Karim took a job as a product development engineer with 3M in the city of neuss close to Köln .Christine and Jawed joined him six months later . But not before Jawed had spent an entire summer in Dhaka ,Bangladesh with his grandparentsin Uttara.And during that summer , Jawed became a true Bangali .He loved it in Dhaka.In no time at all ,he became fluent in Bangla .And to make matters worse ,he completely forgot his native tounge ,German !
In a telephone conversation with his father’s boyhood friend Mr.Tarique Mahmud , Jawed Karim could recall his early life in Bangladesh and told that he did not want to leave Bangladesh at all.They had to put him on the plane kicking and screaming (“Na,jabo na!Ami jabo na!”)
“I was crying , I think ,” said Jawed Karim one of the Youtube founder.

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    Very very good,no word to say,Almighty will bless him.

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