Bangladesh Bijoymela

The Muktijuddher Bijoy Mela Parishad is the organization formed with the collaboration of the gallant Freedom Fighters. Being propelled with the inflammatory clarion call of Bangabondhu Sheikh Mujib, the Father of the Nation, the wave of fiery flames, at the time of extreme national crisis, passed through the vein of the Bengali Nation. The Bengali Nation, fostering the indomitable spirit of freedom instilled by our Father of Nation, stood against the undermining efforts of the Pakistani Rulers. At the cost of our audacious Freedom Fighters, the desert of East Pakistan was made fertile, and the nation comes with a flying colour overthrowing the tyrannical chains of enslavement instituted by the Pakistani Rulers. The Bijoy Mela Parishad stands erect upholding the emblem of this indisputable fact.

Holding the self-immolated and murdered corpses of our affectionate brothers, Clasping the blood-stained Shari of the forcibly raped woman, Shedding fresh blood from the bosom of the naive people for our dearest motherland, we freedom-loving people took unbending oath for the construction of a platform on where the true message of the War will be echoed. The Bijoy Mela Parishad is the ultimate consequence of it.  This Council has been coordinating the Muktijuddher Bijoy Mela since 1989 and is still undergoing the relentless efforts of uplifting the torch of accurate Bangladeshi History for our future-leading generation.

Bangladesh became independent and sovereign after a clarion call for liberation struggle made following the brutal crackdown of the Pakistani Armed Forces at midnight of the 25th March, 1971 on the innocent people of what was then East Pakistan. The struggle for liberation continued for about 9 months till the Pakistani Occupation forces surrendered on the 16th of December 1971. Since then the 16th December is celebrated as the Victory Day. Despite facing chaos and conflict from the debut, we, under the leadership of A.B.M Mohiuddin Chowdhury, the undisputed leader of Chittagong, start setting out our journey for anchoring the pragmatic message of the Liberation War in the shore of newly emerged Bangladesh and make the new generation feel proud  for the days a head.

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December 7, 2011 · 5:39 pm

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