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Heaven in Bangladesh.

Nilgiri, Bandarban ………Very Nice Place for visit

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Pahela Baishakh

Symbol of the timeless

It is that time of year when the Bangalees celebrate their heritage and, through that celebration, assesses their place in the universal scheme of things. For the Bangalees, like millions of others across the globe, have a claim on history based on the cultural tradition their ancestors shaped for them, one that they renew annually through Baishakh. Continue reading


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India bathe in WC glory


Hand Sri Lanka 6-wicket defeat in Mumbai final

CLASS OF 2011: Members of the victorious India cricket team with the World Cup after defeating Sri Lanka by six wickets in the final at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai yesterday. Continue reading

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Love for deshi saries

There is more to it than six metres of unstitched fabric. Draped in this timeless piece, Bangladeshi women find their individuality. It exudes her persona, radiates her composure and appeal, asserts her poise. The story of the sari — the tradition — has been one woven in time, spread over millennia. From the civilisation by the banks of the Indus River to wardrobes of fashionistas of this generation — the sari has been the quintessential attire an essential woman can’t do without. Continue reading

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Kolkata ladies’ lunch

The dining table was filled every inch with several west Bengali delicacies for lunch. Under the portrait of a thoughtful Tagore, a group of lovely Kolkata ladies were engrossed in what we Bengalis enjoy the most: adda. With the promising food prepared Kolkata-style awaiting them, they chatted away wittily about almost anything under the sun, while the men of the house glued themselves to their spots in front of the TV, watching the Indian cricket team play in one of the World Cup matches. Sudden loud giggles, even louder shout-outs for their home team and the aroma of the food filled the space with utter bliss and happiness. Continue reading

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Shades of Independence

FOR a young student or a professional today, life should be so much more than being stuck inside a room and playing play station or an x-box, flipping through TV channels or trying to synchronies dates and time on the electronic organizer. With the rapid changing and shifting of statuses on Face book and updating the world with their life-changing decisions on Twitter, it sure is clear, that the generation today is all for a digital nation. Of course, on the other side of things, there are those who face the harsh realities of this cruel world slightly more than others, forcing them to work in warehouses, coal-mines, pull rickshaws on the street and do so much more so as to survive. Despite the ever-growing social and economical gaps between the two worlds of young people living in this country filled with conflicts, each and every one of them still dares to dream of making lives better. Continue reading

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