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Democracy dealt havoc

HC castigates military regimes of Ershad, Zia in 7th amendment verdict; says military rulers, accomplices must be punished

The High Court came down heavily on martial law and both military regimes in the country in its judgment on the Seventh Amendment and said all military rulers and their accomplices must be punished.

“Not only General Ershad but all his accomplices as well as such perpetrators of 1975 martial law, who may still be alive, must face the wrath of ultimate justice,” said the HC in its historic judgment. Continue reading

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Australia floods: Towns could be swamped for week

BRISBANE: Flooded communities across eastern Australia could be underwater for more than a week, with the cleanup bill expected to hit billions of dollars, a state official said Thursday. Days of torrential downpours have left parts of central and southern Queensland state inundated, flooding thousands of homes and businesses, cutting off roads and forcing one town’s entire population to evacuate. Continue reading

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TIB faces 3 libel suits

Dhaka, Dec 26: Three top executives of Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB) including its trustee board Chairman M Hafizuddin Khan and Executive Director Dr. Iftekharuzzaman were sued in Chittagong and Comilla on charge of tarnishing the image of country’s the judiciary by releasing a survey report. After a daylong suspense, a Comilla court Sunday evening dismissed the defamation suit, while two courts in Chittagong asked the three TIB executives to appear before them on January 13 and 30. Continue reading

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No letup in pollution

Tougher law, drive could not stop polluters

Untreated excess dye of garment factories and chemical waste from pharmaceutical factories flow into the Turag river. Many factories still do not have effluent treatment plants installed or choose not to use them to cut cost. The photo was taken under Karnapara Bridge in Savar.

Despite the introduction of tougher laws and the government’s pledge of stern action against violators, most of the industries, especially those of fabrics, dyeing and tannery, continue polluting the rivers, canals and water bodies in the capital and its suburbs only to boost profit.

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Islam and World Peace

Islam aims to build a peaceful society at all cost. It is because higher human objectives cannot be achieved in the absence of peaceful circumstances. The spiritual as well as moral progress of the individual is possible only in peaceful atmosphere. Hence the atmosphere of peace is essential for the building of good society. Academic research too is possible only in peaceful circumstances. The task of the propagation of truth too can be performed only in peaceful atmosphere. That is why one of the teachings of Islam is that ‘reconciliation is the best’ (4:128). In this regard Islam enjoins us to establish peace even at the cost of unilateral sacrifice and patience. Continue reading

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The Form and Spirit of Islam: Views of a Spiritual Leader


South Asia is the home of innumerable spiritual leaders and saints of  diverse religions including Islam. Islam spread in the Subcontinent through the preaching and practices of spiritual leaders and ulamas who preached the true form and spirit of the religion among the masses.

The descendents of these leaders continue to preach the religion of islam in the region. One such spiritual leader is Hazrat Syed Rashid Ahmed Jaunpuri.  He is the grandson of Shah Karamat Ali Jaunpuri whose lineage of this spiritual leader can be traced to Hazrat Abu Bakr (RA), the first Caliph of Islam after Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). From his father’s side, he traces his lineage to Hazrat Ali (RA). Shah Karamat Ali Jaunpuri preached Islam in Bengal and Assam in the 19th century . Syed Rashid Ahmed Jaunpuri came to present Bangladesh in 1963.  In the short space of this article, the views of Hazrat Syed Rashid Ahmed Jaunpuri on the form and spirit of Islam are presented. Continue reading


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Loneliness ‘can cause weight gain’

The world may have become a global village because of Internet and mobile phones, but many still deal with loneliness  and emotional distress that may lead to overeating and serious weight gain.

Mary Jo Rapini, a psychotherapist with The Methodist Weight Management Center in Houston says that people look for comfort food when they feel lonely or depressed. Continue reading

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